How to write a sociology research article?

Sociology is fun. For one, it encompasses so many aspects of humanity. There is very few attributes of any one topic not under the umbrella of sociology. But this makes writing a research article on sociology all the more challenging. What topics do you cover, and when you find your theme, HOW do you keep it centered?

  • Theme Writing
  • An article on sociology can, quite literally, go on forever with its intricacies and effects on multiple tiers of humanity and culture. This is bad. Focus your work with a theme, something that not only places your topic but positions it properly. An example would be the topic of language (this is a whole study unto itself but that is beside the point). Perhaps your subtopic is "how does language change over time." This is a massive topic that could overwhelm any research writer. Now you need a theme. Language changes over time, and language covers any and all culture dating back to the rudimentary Stone Age. Your theme could quite possible be "is separate languages for different cultures good or bad." Of course, on the surface, one argues that sub-cultures of language is healthy, but it also causes cultural divides. It is a fascinating theme that doesn't need to be developed in depth, but allows an overarching theme to give value to your research article.

    That may be all too much to handle for the amount of writing you need to do, but it is an idea worth exploring with your own work.

  • Poignant Writing
  • Sociology is rife with consequence, understanding, and depth. It would be wise to compliment the massive topic with a message of your own. This is what I call "poignant writing." It doesn't need to be cheesy. But when writing a sociology research article, keep in mind a message about life and culture that you may want to convey. This could be your theme! What do you have to say about the world when it comes to sociology?

    Many professors or clients may frown on you adding your own opinion. If this is the case, make it subtle. Close your article with some minor thoughts on the topic to give cohesion to your work. It is widely appreciated from a steady reader that any topic on sociology does not ignore the ramifications, and offers some insight into our own reality and world around us.

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