How to write a persuasive article on global warming?

There are very few types of articles more intimidating and more difficult to wrap your head around than global warming. Sometimes, you may be better off writing an article about "world religion" or "the political engine." Global warming is right up there with "meaning of life," or at least very close. The problem lies in the controversy just as much in the science. The whole fact that some are absolutely convinced it is real (and will make documentaries about it) and others are convinced of the opposite is distressing. Now take account of the repercussions- the destruction of our very planet and the end of us all. Now keep in mind the solutions being tested, and the amount of resistance being added. The whole event adds up to a perfect storm of what NOT to cover in a straightforward persuasive article.

When writing an article on global warming, keep in mind a few key strategies to make your article sensible and wise.

Do not take anything for certain!

We don't know. There is evidence. There are exaggerations. Global warming is a muddy topic that no single person understands in its full complexity (not just naturally but societal and political and...). Set up some ideas, but never ascertain you know more than the reader, and be sincere in your open approach.

Do not patronize!

The topic of global warming tends to somewhat turn onto the topic of "what you can do." With that, it is very easy to lift your chin up and patronize any happening reader who is almost certainly not doing enough to deter global warming. To write an effective article, sitting on a high-horse is not the way to do it.

Play Devil's Advocate!

It is a well-known principle in persuasion that in order to build up one's own argument, you argue from the other side, or bring up points the opposition may make- and crush them.

A global warming deferral may have a solid argument against heightened global warming. Address his or her argument, and speak about why it is weak, invalid, and overall, a poor reason to discourse. If you have little evidence, the honest truth is probably to avoid that particular argument. But if you really want your article to take a stand and be truly persuasive, tackling tough arguments should be right in line with your strategy and ultimately, the entire point of the essay.