How To Write An Article Review: A Brief Tutorial For College Students

What is an article review?

An article review is a piece of academic writing that can be termed an evaluation as well as a summary of another author's piece of literary work. Here, the student has to evaluate another person's work through analysis, summary, comparison to name a few. This practice is also relevant in science stream. Personal experience or findings are not to be included in article review, except few cases.

Brief tutorial for college students to write article review

  • Read the piece of writing and organize your thoughts
  • The pre-stage of writing involves reading the given piece repeatedly and pen down your thoughts about it simultaneously. Are you satisfied with the outcome of this written commentary? Is it successful to achieve what it proposed to do? Are there any gaps or inconsistencies?

  • Make an outline
  • Making an outline in order to review a piece of writing could be of two types. Ether you can re-write the texts in your own words or you can list down the strengths and the weaknesses of it. If you think that there are wrong data or notions in the narration- mark them down, do homework to know the original data and pen them down separately.

  • Understand the variations of the abstract
  • For an analysis- there are mainly two types of abstracts- descriptive one and the informative one. While the descriptive one focuses on the general subjects covered, the informative one spares few lines for each chapter of the analysis.

  • Know the structure
  • You must know the elements that go into the making of this piece of academic writing. It goes like this- title, abstract, table of contents, introduction, methodologies, main part, conclusion, acknowledgment, references. If your mentor asks you to include the 'illustration' section after 'references', then do it.

  • Map out the illustration section carefully
  • The illustration section is the visual representation of the whole structure of your paper. Apart from putting the glossary, you can also include boxes here to describe concepts or rare terms for the advantage of the reader or future developer.

  • Focus mostly on the main body
  • The main body may contain several paragraphs depending upon your points. Each paragraph should begin with a specific point and you carry with supporting examples. You don't need to mention your personal liking or disliking here.

  • Keep the conclusion hopeful
  • The conclusion must contain hope for future work. Here, not only you should re-iterate the whole piece but also include the implication of the analysis.

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