Helpful Advice on How to Conclude Your Article Review

An article review is a popular assignment that many teachers give to their students. It's a useful task that helps developing critical thinking in students but also teaches respect towards other people's research. If you have received such a task, you should not think that you are doing something useless. You should treat this task with all your responsibility and devotion. There are several main points that cause students the majority of problems in the course of writing, which involve knowing how to start the article, avoid being overly critical without reasons, and conclude the project properly. Below, you will find some information regarding the conclusion that can sometimes be very problematic.

  • To begin with, you need to remember that the review you are writing is meant for all people who get interested, not only specialists in the area. That is why, there are certain demands to the very style of writing and your own goals. You should not do any additional research. What you are supposed to do is analyze the statements that are voiced by the author of the given article. You need to estimate them properly and criticize the author's approach only in case there is something wrong with the argumentation or there are statements that are not confirmed by any facts.

  • Make sure that you understand the article quite well and correctly. It's especially important in case you work with texts that are written in foreign languages. If you have no idea what the article is all about, your work will be useless and, what's more, completely erroneous.

  • Thinking about the most suitable conclusion for your work, remember the main goal that you have set forth for yourself in the very beginning of the research. Depending on the goal, you will need to speak about the results that you have achieved in the course of devoted analyzing.

  • The concluding paragraph should play the role of a summary for the whole text. Once again, name the main points of the analyzed text. Share your opinion on the informative value, comprehensiveness and importance of the article. Estimate the work from the point of view of further studying in the area. Make sure that the paragraph does not take more than 10% of the whole size of your text. Always make sure that you have given enough reliable argumentation. For example, if you think that the analyzed text is weak, prove it with the help of arguments: the information is distorted, the author resorts to prejudice, etc.

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