How To Compose A Book Report Without Mistakes

Often book reports are filled with mistakes, even when we think they are good. The problem is, many people think that you can put a lot of the book in their report: that is plagiarism. Not only that, they only skim the book, or use a cleft notes. A book report means the books is read, then reported about from the student's own views, not someone else's. This is how to compose a book report without mistakes.

  1. Read the Book Yourself
  2. Do not Plagiarize the Book
  3. Write it like an Essay
  4. Spelling and Grammar

Read the Book Yourself

Clef Notes, are book reports by someone else's views. Skimming only gives you partial knowledge of the author's thoughts. Read the book yourself so you can use your own voice, and thoughts. Even if the instructor disagrees with your views, they know you actually read it. That will get you more points in your grades, and respect from your educator. Plus, you will actually know more about the thoughts of the writer, to use in your report. This will benefit you as well.

Do not plagiarize the Book

It is ok to use occasional excerpts from the book, but to not make the report out of excerpts. Use them only when needed, and under a paragraph, usually no more than a sentence or two. Make the report based off from your own thoughts, and understandings. Use your own voice. If the book is a research book, use references to support your opinions. Always use references, even if only the book is being used.

Write it like an Essay

Always write a book report like an essay; using the three parts, introduction, body, and conclusion. Most of the time, a book report will be MLA style, but sometimes it might be requested to be written in another style. Use the rules that the instructor gives to modify it, but still make it like an essay. Even in many essays, the instructor may for whatever reason, make modifications, but they still must follow all the other rules.

Spelling and Grammar

Always edit the piece, to make sure that everything is correct. Not only form, and style, but the spelling and grammar must be done correctly as well. Check your words, and the sentences, to make sure they are constructed correctly. Then after a good break, read it again to make sure it still looks that way with fresh eyes.

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