Teiresias Role in Oedipus the King - College Paper Example

Basically, characters in any literary work develop the plot of the story. The most common works of literature are novels, poems and plays. The latter has gained popularity among top literature artists. This lays immense foundation to Sophocle's play: Oedipus the King, which perhaps is amongst the best plays of all times.

Sophocles presents us with a variety of characters each of whom has significant roles within the play. As one begins to get a deeper understanding of the play,(s)he is introduced to the world of Teiresias. Although depicted briefly and mainly as a support character, Teiresiasis a star in his own accord. He is talented in prophesying. It is this ability that makes Sophocles pick him as an ideal agent of dramatism.

In the play, Teiresias is revealed as a chief catharsis. That is, he is able to sever the city of Thebes that is suffering. As a mere blind commoner, Teiresias has great prowess in soothsaying. He is thus pivotal in getting the city back on its feet. He has information regarding the murderer of Laius and therefore wilds the city's plight in his hands.

Moreover, Teiresias is depicted as an agent of mockery or ridicule. Many people do not believe in him. Jocasta and Oedipus the King are very skeptical about his prophecies and dismiss his ideas without second thoughts. For instance, when he withholds information on the murderer of Oedipus father (Laius), Oedipus accuses him of treason and that together with Creon, they are contemplating taking over the the throne. These accusations are disturbing and utterly ridiculous.

Furthermore, Sophocles uses Teiresias as an agent of dramatic irony. It becomes hilarious and ironical that despite the fact that Teiresias is a foreseer, he is unable to unblind the mysteries about his life. He cannot retrace his roots and is thus blind to the truth about his ow life.

Therefore, Teiresias serves many roles in Oedius Rex (the King). Summarily, he has been used to bring out irony, ridicule or mockery, catharsis and dramatism. He is a character who supplements the roles of many other characters in the play.

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