Possible Research Papers Topics on 1920's Art

The 1920's were a time of great excitement in the art world. There were several breakthrough and trends that make for great research paper topics. Vast amounts of information are available on any of the topics below, so you should have no problem finding reference materials. Use one of the following topics to get started on a great 1920's art research paper.

  • Surrealism Movement. Surrealism began in earnest in post WWI Europe. Some of the techniques developed in the surrealist movement were automatic drawing, automatic painting, frottage, and fumage. All of these techniques became prominent in the art world, and each could make a research paper all on their own.
  • Art Deco. The Art Deco movement had wide reaching effect in not only the art world, but the architecture world as well. The name came from the Paris World's Fair in 1925 and made its way across to the U.S. a few years later. Art Deco is typically identified by works that include industrial materials like aluminum and stainless steel. A great essay could be written about the Art Deco movement as a whole, or by identifying specific artists or pieces and examining them more closely.
  • Maxfield Parrish. A Philadelphia born painter, Parrish played a major role in the '20's art scene. He was noted for his androgynous nudes that were portrayed in fantasy settings. His art used bright colors and a specific technique of oil and varnish. Writing a research paper on Parrish would demonstrate a more detailed knowledge of art history than simply writing about one of the general movements.
  • C. Coles Phillips. Looking at the work of Phillips will allow for a more pop culture analysis of art in the '20's. Phillips became most well-known for his work with Life Magazine, including illustrating many covers. There would be plenty of resources available to write a detailed essay about Phillips career and influence.

Art history can be an overwhelming topic to write a research paper on. Rather than simply writing an 'Art in the 1920's' paper, try to pick out a very specific topic to focus your writing. Using one of the point above is a good start, or even a sub-topic from within one of those points. The more focused your topic becomes, the better your research will be and you will end up with a much more coherent and polished final product.

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