How To Write an Article Review

An article review is something that contains both a summary and an evaluation of another writer's article. The main goal of an article review is to acknowledge the central points of arguments in the article while giving a logical evaluation of the main theme. There are several guidelines to follow if you are interested in writing an article review. Here are several tips that you can apply in order to ensure you are reviewing properly.

Understanding the Content

In order to be able to write a successful article review, it is necessary that the content is entirely understood. It is recommended to read the article at hand several times over in order to get a general sense of what direction you want to go in for your review. It is helpful to highlight or make notes in the reading stage in order to mark the important sections that would be good to address in an article review. Further, a summary outline of the article is a great tool in order to decipher the main points and arguments of the author. By using a summary outline, this helps to focus the themes at hand and can result in you erasing or crossing out arguments that are not vital to the review. Once this part is understood well, the writing process for your article review may be started.

Writing the Review

In a writing review, be sure to clearly state your opinions in the article. This may include agreements or disagreements with the article's point of view. In addition, it may include an evaluation of how the article made you feel as a reader. The important part is that the review is not merely a summary, and will be reflective of your own opinion.

When beginning the writing process, be sure to refer to the title of the article in the first paragraph that includes the name of the author as well. This is to determine a clear review on your part that will allow your audience to follow the review easily. Next, the article should be summarized as to give the readers a general understanding of what you are reviewing. This is the part where your summary outline can be used as a reference to determine which points to include. The last part of an article review is the opinion portion, which can be expressed concerning many different factors and should reflect your overall insights of the article. It is important that you express your opinion on the article and add whether or not you felt it was clear, thorough and useful. The conclusion of the article review is the last portion, which should tie up any loose ends and relay an overall arcing message.

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