10 Mistakes You Should Avoid Writing An Article Review

You will have to write quite a few article reviews both in school and in college. Therefore, you should learn how to make these papers perfect. There are some common mistakes that almost everyone makes when writing reviews. Study the following list carefully and do your best to avoid them.

  1. Too much background information.
  2. You really need to present some background information in the paper in order to help the readers understand what exactly you are talking about. However, this info must be limited to the most important points that are directly connected to your review.

  3. Too much focus on introduction/conclusion.
  4. In many cases, students are so focused on creating perfect introductions and conclusions that they don't give enough attention to the body of the paper. This lowers the quality of your work.

    Make sure that every part of your paper is equally good.

  5. Not enough evidence.
  6. Provide sufficient evidence, including direct quotes, for every single argument you make. Ask some of your friends to assess the validity of your chosen evidence.

  7. Not identifying the main argument.
  8. You will need to present several arguments in your paper, but there must be an ultimate one. The rest should support it from different angles.

  9. Writing an essay instead of a review.
  10. It might be very tempting to create your own article to answer the one you were supposed to criticize. However, this will only make you fail the assignment as it clearly states that you have to review an existing piece. Use only quotes from the original article and only refer to other sources if they were used in the original and you have to pint out how the author misinterpreted them.

  11. Becoming emotionally involved.
  12. As this is an academic paper, it must be formal and detached. Use logic when building your arguments, not your emotions.

  13. Too much criticism.
  14. Even if you completely disagree with the idea expressed in the original article, you need to highlight some positive moments to show that you are an objective judge.

  15. Too little time.
  16. Writing a good review takes some time as you need to study the original several times. Start working on this project early.

  17. Being offensive.
  18. Always watch your words when you write a critical essay. Your criticism must be objective and supported by solid evidence. Abstain from insulting the opposing party as this will reflect on your grade.

  19. Incorrect format.
  20. Discuss formatting requirements with your teacher in detail to make sure you don't make any mistakes there.

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