8 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Writing An Article Review

During the course of his/her career, a writer may get to compose article reviews. Some, in fact, are such experts that they write only reviews and get paid handsomely to do it. The practice is most common in academic writing. However, even an expert writer can sometimes make mistakes while writing an article review. Here is what and what not to do.

8 common mistakes to avoid when writing an article review

  • Do not impose your personal views: You may not agree with the writer's views, but that does not mean you let it show in your reviews. Be sure to keep your writing objective. Write for both sections of readers: for and against. It is morally unethical to bash a writer just because you do not like his/her point of view.
  • Do not provide too much background: Keep in mind that your audience reads only articles that pertain to its subject of study or interest. Scientists will know that Einstein gave us the theory of relativity, so focus on how it equates into the current problem. Save your words.
  • Stay true to the content of the article: You might be tempted to show how much more you know about the subject the article is about, but you should do that in your own work. Write only about what is in the article, not what could be.
  • Talk about the entire article, not just one point: Give equal attention to the introduction, conclusion, and the body. Do not get lost in detailing only one aspect and ignore the others.
  • Balance your review: You might forgo this advice if the article is too far gone to be salvaged, but in other cases, delineate both the negative and the positive aspects of the article. The information might have been weak, but the sources used could be very informative. Make sure the readers know that.
  • Give solutions, not problems: If you have been asked to provide suggestions, do so. Do not leave the writer hanging by saying, "The conclusion is weak." Tell them why it is.
  • Writing the review in haste: Take your time to read the article: don't stall it to the last moment. It shows when you wrote the review after just a glance. A good piece always covers all aspects of the article, not just mentioning them in passing.
  • Don't divert all attention to the intro and conclusion: They are, of course, important, but the body of the article is where you detail and support the writer's findings. Keep your introduction short and your conclusion crisp and succinct: it will make your review interesting and important.

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