Biology Essays Are Hard To Write

How true it is. An essay on biology is extremely difficult to tackle because by its very nature it's science. On top of that, biology is a very broad subject and encompasses many things. The essay might have to be about a specific topic or area of biology or you might be allowed to pick your topic.

Even if you're familiar with what the focus should be, it helps to be familiar with biology in general or for biology to be a hobby because if it isn't a hobby then this essay is going to be just work. Biology isn't exactly the circus of school subjects either. You might not find anything interesting. In biology it's the teacher's job to make what is guaranteed to be a dry, bland book into a somewhat interesting read.

Of course this doesn't help you once you have to go through the book - and others - to research your subject. Let's get to a few tips that will hopefully make this easier.

  • Research the subject
  • Pace yourself
  • Establish the flow of the essay
  • The bombshell topic is...


Chances are the teacher will give a particular subject or list of subject to touch upon. This will make your research adventure easier. Note that we said it would make it easier...not more fun or exciting. We're sorry. If the teacher should just so happen to throw out a vague "Write an essay on any subject in biology" your best bet would be to just check through your course book and find a subject that you feel you can research and write on.

Pace Yourself

While it will be tempting to just blitz through the whole thing and get it the essay over with, pace your research and your writing. You have a deadline if you have a class agenda or syllabus, this will be laid out. Make time your ally and not your foe. Try to schedule when you'll work on the essay, but don't wait until crunch time to get it done.

Establish the Flow of the Essay

Normally this would be reserved for argumentative essay as an actual flow is needed when it's based on your opinion. Since biology is factually based, no actual flow is needed. It's math, science, facts, and so on. You can bombard the reader with information because it's expected.

Besides, didn't the textbook and teacher bombard you with facts and such for the term? If they couldn't deliver the entertain factor to biology, why should they expect you to?

The Bombshell Topic...

If you can't find a topic in biology to write on just pick anything. Depending on where you live you could explore the bombshell topic of evolution. Some school districts in the Southern US actually block or forbid the teaching of evolution going as far as to put the sticker in the book. It's not the teachers who don't want to teach it - well some do and some would prefer not to.

Evolution is pretty much the most interesting thing in a biology book. It stirred up the most controversy in science, religion, and within the general public. Trials have been held on the subject (one of which caused the stickers to be placed in some books). If you want to research and write on something with some kick and excitement to it - even if you do or don't support it - try evolution.

Or you can write on ecosystems or whatever. Below are a few general subjects to write on. All of these can be found in your book.

  • Cell structure/biology
  • Animal behavior
  • DNA
  • History of Biology
  • Biology in Relation to Daily Life
  • Ecosystems
  • Bodily systems

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