Racism Today

Racism revolves around believing that an individual's capability or character can be determined based on their race. With racism, there is the belief that there some racial groups which can be considered as more superior compared to others. Racism has been used previously and is still being used as a weapon to encourage hatred and fear in situations such as conflicts and economic downturns.

An underlying problem that still promotes racism today is that many people hold the belief that racism is no longer in existence. Most of these people live in denial of the fact that racism is there and it is a big problem in society today. Most of the people are currently living life oblivious of the happenings in the world they are living in. In most cases they try to make themselves believe that racism is no longer a problem in the world. There are other people who know quite well that racism is still there but they are unaware that they could be perpetrators of racism in one way or another. They fail to realize that they are contributing to racism in the world through the discrimination of others while they go round making claims of how open minded they are.

The main problem of racism today is the fact that there are very many people that are living under racist conditions and they do not even realize it. These people encounter racism in their workplace, schools, their community and homes without a slight clue of what is going on. There are many scenarios where jokes are told where racial references are inserted. Today it is not common for one to laugh when jokes about blacks are made but people seem to be comfortable with jokes about the Hispanics or even Chinese. People often claim that these are just jokes but they care less about the people the jokes are about. These jokes seem harmless and are even considered as being funny but realistically speaking they cause a lot of harm and are demeaning.

Another common platform for the propagation of racism is the media. There are very many internet sites where a lot racist can be found. There are also some publications in the media that out rightly spell out racism. People have come to the realization that racism is real and thrives in today's society .If no such realization is made then racism will continue to be a problem that has no end.

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