SWOT ANALYSIS - Managing Processes, System and Project


  • Improved employee coordination: In this system, all the employees have to feed their requirements, atmosphere and abilities. On the basis of individuals' skills and requirements, a team will be selected in such a manner that its team members will have better coordination.
  • Team synergy is higher: The major plight was the fact that diverse population could not cater to the organizational needs of the company. Now, with an ERP selected team, there would be higher probability for a function to be successful. This is because all those tasks that were not possible with such diversification in employees would now be possible with ERP suggesting the best possible team.
  • Selection of Efficient Team: We have already seen that SAP would cater to this need provided that the managers are able to feed in their requests to the optimum.
  • Attrition rates will be lower down: ERP members of the teams so formed will be comfortable with their teammates as well as a comfortable workplace and environment. Due to this, ERP system employees will enjoy their jobs and the company will have satisfied individuals, who are not going to avoid a crisis situation of difficulty but they will be ready to face these kinds of situations and try to resolve the crisis.
  • Enhancement in coverage of market: As employees of the organization are satisfied and comfortable with their job and workplace, quality of their service, ideas and coordination will improve, which in turn will lead to increase in subscriber and better marketing techniques, which will definitely improve market coverage (Fong, Ooi, Tan, Lee, & Chong, 2011).


  • Government Partnership in Company: The ownership of the company is such that 48% is owned by the Government of Maldives and rest by Cable and Wireless UK. The installation of an ERP system is very costly. Moreover, the government is not earning that much satisfactory level of profit that it can spend so much money in order to improve management techniques, in a time when the government knows how much opportunities are there in tourism and infrastructure sectors.
  • So, in such a situation, the government of Maldives will obviously show strong passiveness.
  • Success Rate of ERP: As the success rate of ERP systems do not depend on trainer and management, the role of the individual is also important. In situations where employees are not comfortable with ERP or they are not able to learn up to that level, the success rate will be very low.
  • Cost of Installation is very high: ERP systems are not that simple to operate, that everyone can use it easily. It will require a huge amount of training and expenditure in huge amounts. Thus, the company owners have to think about the success ratio of this program.
  • Disability of Some Individuals of Self-analysis: There is a general human phenomenon where some people are unable to analyze themselves. In many situations, it is also seen that many people avoid disclosing their disabilities to others. In such a situation, ERP will not get all the correct information about each individual and the ERP system will lose its efficiency.
  • There is also a fact that any organization or a company cannot totally depend on machine or software.


  • Confidence Building in Organization: As results obtained by ERP systems are positive, it will definitely help in mustering up of confidence of individuals in organization. Also it will help in mutual harmony and job satisfaction. Due to this, organizations will be able to start new projects and plan by trusting their well organized and well coordinated teams.
  • No Effect of Odd Situation on Internal Functioning of Organization: In case of difficult situations, there will be no odd functioning in internal organization. This will ensure top level authorities handle the situation much effectively, because they know their employees are well satisfied with their workplace environment.


  • Hacking From Inside: As ERP systems are totally software based systems, they are very delicate from the security point of view. Any other company can hire professional hackers to hack into the system, so that functioning of this organization can be made defective. Because as once an ERP system is installed, the whole organization will become ERP dependent.
  • Re-Defining Business Process: After installing this system, organizations have to re-shape its business process that will take a lot of time, which in turn may result in damage of current competitiveness of the company and compel the company to regress temporarily.
  • Maintenance Cost: It is not so that once an ERP system is installed, there is no need to spend money on this. The company has to regularly spend money on maintenance and support.
  • Create unnecessary dependencies: This will create unnecessary dependencies of organization on the ERP system. It will result in non-functioning in situations of non-working of software.
  • Diversion of Attention of Management: There is often some confidential information that is stored in conventional records, to the extent that it is not even possible for one department to share certain information with other department. But in ERP systems, an organization has to share everything with the software. In this situation, an organization may encounter serious confidential information leaks (Slack, Chambers, & Johnston, 2004).

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