Christian Religion and Abortion

Abortion in Christianity is a complicated matter because there is not much information about the abortion in the Christian Bible. At different times, Christians held different beliefs about abortion. Christians condemned the abortion during any stage of pregnancy as it is considered a grave sin. However, some people do not consider the elimination of fetus as homicide because fetus is usually not properly formed during early stages of pregnancy. However, many Christians also believe that abortion is a wrong and unethical act because abortion includes murder of an unborn baby. Although people have different opinions about the viability of mother fetus and conception, however, Bible does condemn the act of killing the life of another person.

Christians' belief about abortion is related to their view about the beginning of life. Beginning of life includes a point of contention between two groups such as pro-life and pro-choice. This indicates that some Christians believe that life starts at the time of conception, whereas some people believe that life begins at the point of fertilization or at the time when heart starts beating. According to Bible, God has complete knowledge about us before he has placed us in the womb of the mother. Christians take a wrong scripture to the information mentioned in the bible that abortion prevents a person God wanted to create, from incoming into this world.

Many Christians are pro-choice and they believe that they have complete and ultimate say over what they do to their bodies, but Bible says God has the ultimate say. Our bodies are the temple of God. Some argue that God has given free will to humans, which allow them to do whatever they want to do with their bodies. It is important to remember that free will does not allow us to commit sin. Whether a person believes abortion is a sin or not, it is essential and biblical to take good care of human bodies.

Christians believe about the life is that it begins at the time of conception and the unborn baby has complete potential to transform into a child. According to sixth commandment, "Thou shalt not kill." just like committing murder is considered as a sin, murdering an unborn child is also a sin. however, some Christians have the opinion that abortion is acceptable under certain circumstances such as if the child is going to be born with some serious illness or handicapped disability, it would be better to abort the child. However, others say that it is in the hands of the God and we are no one to decide if a child has the right to live or not.

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