Review writing: your conclusion should impress the reader

The conclusion helps to bring together the entire assignment. Many say the conclusion should have something memorable in it to help readers take something from what they read. As the last portion of the writing assignment this part has been known to be a challenge because it should express certain concepts. In some cases it may help restate the thesis statement or main idea while providing something different the reader should know.

Does It Conclude the Topic?

The conclusion helps summarize the significance of the written content as a whole. So if you had a few sentences to sum up what you wrote, what would they be? Some students may consider doing a rough draft that would include details they want to mention or feel should be included. This can help you analyze details you intend to add toward the end, then think about your topic and how you introduced it to the reader. Does the ending really help tie other portions of the paper together to bring a strong closing or ending?

What Should the Reader Know?

While you may mention the main idea again, this is helpful when you are trying to make a point about what you want the reader to know. You may mention something that was not mentioned in the previous text to help your point with validity. It is important to make sure the conclusion is indeed the conclusion; your content should bring the topic to a close and not left as an open-ended statement. This could leave a reader with the impression that more content will follow when nothing else is left to read.

Is It Written Well Overall?

Once you have created a draft or two about how to end your paper, you can write the final draft and go back and read over your paper from start to finish. Read your paper from the beginning with the introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion. Do you feel the conclusion justifies the main point in helping the reader get the message intended?

Sometimes you can read something a few times and then realize it doesn't make sense. You can have someone else read if over for you to get an idea opinion wise. Yet, some endings can vary depending on topic and intended message. What is something you want to stand out in the end to keep readers thinking?

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