How to Summarize Your Research Paper

After you write your research paper, you may be required to provide a summary along with it. The summary will actually be able to let the reader know what they can expect to learn in the paper. Sometimes, once you get the paper put together it can really be difficult for you to summarize it all. This is especially true if you have a long paper that is jam packed with a whole lot of great information. You just need to make sure that you follow these simple steps.

Bullet the Main Ideas of the Paper

First, you will want to go through your paper and take a look at some of the main ideas. When you look at the main ideas, you will need to bullet them so that you can have a reference point to begin with. By doing this, you will be able to make sure that your summary includes some of the most pertinent information about your paper. This is really important for you.

Write an Effective Summary Based on these Ideas

You will then want to base your summary on the main points of the paper. This will give the readers a sneak peak of what your paper is about. The summary should pique the interest of the readers, because this will be what lets them know what to expect, and they know that they can expect you to elaborate on these ideas. You don't have to include each main concept, but cover the basics.

Check Your Spelling and Grammar

It may be a good idea to take a closer look at your final draft and the summary once you are done. By checking the spelling and grammar of your paper, you will be sure that it is going to be the best quality possible, and be sure to get you a great grade on your job.

As you can see, creating a summary of your research paper is actually not as difficult as it seems. If you just follow these steps, you will be able to write a summary that gives people the gist of what your paper is about. As you summarize your thoughts, you should try to keep the summary to around 200 words or less, because if it is any longer than that- people may not really be likely to read it, and may thus not really want to read your paper.

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