Peer Coaching As a Measure of Teacher Proficiency

In the current environment, there is the presence of different advanced techniques for the enhancement of teachers proficiency. Peer coaching is a qualitative strategy to create new innovative skills. The term Peer coaching referred to a process through which two or more than two professional colleagues/teachers work together for the enhancement of others abilities. Peer coaching practice includes sharing of new ideas, establishment of advanced skills and other various aspects that transform this process as a measure of teacher proficiency. Practically, there is also the presence of various activities that constitute the Peer coaching process.

"Peer coaching" is a tool for increasing teacher competence because it improves individual and other relationships within an organization. According to recent studies, training, feedback and peer coaching are the processes that transfer up to 90% of new skills in teachers. There are many ways to start peer coaching in between the teachers. The most effective method is sharing about teaching styles and experiences. This activity becomes a cause of transferring pedagogical knowledge in a group of teachers. For example, one teacher is sharing his approach to teach math with other teachers. Other teachers will automatically be able to determine their own weaknesses. On the other side, listeners can also give better ideas that can enhance others Proficiency. This process eliminates the risk of confusing with the element of advice and by sharing stories, teachers improve their technical knowledge and Proficiency.

In short, Peer Coaching help teachers to increase professional and technical expertise in an effective manner. Teaching is the profession that requires various skills and abilities, and Peer Coaching increase innovation in those skills and abilities that are using for improvements in classroom practice.