How Hard Is It To Open Your Own Article Writing Service?

If you're tired of working for a major magazine or newspaper and you want more control of your earnings, you can start your own article writing service and it is not hard to do. Start by researching different web hosting companies and compare their security features, prices, and up-time, which means the amount of time your website stays up without technical difficulties. Generally a good web hosting service would have 99% up-time so that customers will not have difficulty accessing your website.  Once you found the right web hosting service, you would then build your website using the web host's tools.

Think About A Niche Article Writing Service

Since a majority of article writing services are generic in nature, you can stand out by creating a specialty article writing service that focuses on a certain niche or target client base. For example, if you spent years in the music industry as a record label talent scout, you can start a writing service that creates articles for independent record labels' websites and independent artists' websites. Or if you want to target work-from-home moms, you can help their businesses grow by starting an article writing service that creates articles about products and services these moms offer.

Offer Fair But Profitable Prices for Articles

When you start an article writing services, you should charge reasonable prices but you also should charge prices that allow you to make a profit. This is important because if you charge too low of a price, you will not make a decent profit, which could cause the end of your business. At the same time, don't charge excessive prices to customers and you should occasionally give discounts to your customers at times for their loyalty.

Follow Customers' Directions Carefully

If you're going to have a successful article writing service, it is important that you carry out the wishes of the customer exactly as they wish because it lets them know that you care about their needs and that you take pride in your work. If you're having trouble with a certain topic, send an email to the customer and get clarification so both of you will be on the same page.


Having your own article writing service allows you to gain financial freedom but it also allows you to gain stronger research skills, especially if you're not used to writing on certain topics.