The Easiest Way to Make Your Article Review Stand Out

If you are writing an article review, you need to remember that it's simultaneously a short representation and a kind of evaluation of its content. It's very important to have a clear idea of the main points of the article to compose a successful review that will stand out. Your goal is to give a logical evaluation of the subject, supporting your point of view with strong arguments, and encourage others to study the material deeper. Below, you will find several tips that will help you find the easiest way to make your article review stand out.

  • Read the text several times.
  • The first reading should be rather surficial, giving more attention to the introduction, headlines, and conclusions. Done this, return to the beginning and read the text more carefully, using a colored highlighter that will underline the most important parts.

  • Prepare a short outline of the article.
  • It should involve the main points that give a base for the done research or conclusions. The outline should contain nothing of your opinion. It's a pure retelling of the original text. Re-read the text once again and remove everything that seems to be less important.

  • Compose a draft of your review.
  • Give attention to each statement that was involved in the outline to evaluate the author's laconic, informative and precise manner. Give an evaluation of the contribution the author has made in the researched topic and mention the aspects that need improvement.

  • Prepare a list of strong and weak points.
  • Remember that if you want your article to stand out, you should never get stuck to weak points only. Give more attention to strong sides of the text, like precise argumentation, interesting conclusions, scientific novelty, etc.

  • Give a resume of the researched text.
  • The easiest way to compose a successful resume is express the key moments with your own words, using the outline. Check what you have written. Make sure that you give a precise and fair evaluation of the article and its author.

  • Give arguments.
  • A good review that stands out always has strong arguments. If you are speaking about the author's incorrectness, you must give quotations that confirm your statement, and so on. All the conclusions, all the evaluation that you provide should be grounded on something more substantial than merely your opinion.

  • Give the conclusion.
  • This should be one paragraph, which will recapitulate the main information alongside your evaluation of its importance, preciseness, and clearness. If it makes sense, encourage readers to research the matter further.

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