How to Write an Article Review APA Style

An article review is a common assignment for high education students such as university and college pupils. There are times a paper of this nature needs to be completed as part of a bigger assignment or it can be a project on its own. It often depends on the instructor and area of study. You can review guidelines presented by your instructor in writing an article review since they do vary by educational institutions. The following points may give an idea on how you should develop a strategy for writing your own review content.

  • Seek sample article review content that offers a similar layout structure according to guidelines of your instructor. You may find such content by checking your school library or online database of a reputable writing source.
  • Take a few moments to thoroughly read through the sample content. Many students get confused on how to execute the APA style when they don't thoroughly review the format in use. The format style can be complex when executed, but reading over the content a few times can help you pay attention to specific details more closely.
  • Pay attention to details you will need to include for the citation portion of your paper. Along with details of the American Psychological Association style (APA), you may need to include details such as the volume number, title, where it is published author's name, and issue number.
  • Write a few paragraphs for your summary; on average this may be about 2 or 3 paragraphs in length. The length may vary but you would include pertinent details about your review such as the purpose it serves, related research, end results and other important details.
  • A few paragraphs may review the results or meaning for the study. You may mention any areas that you feel need improvement while offering your personal opinion on the information in its entirety. A separate paragraph may follow regarding how more research on the topic could be beneficial. Or, you would encourage more knowledge should be shared regarding the issue.
  • Remember to cite data such as paraphrases and quotes. If you used information from the publication, mention the name of it, the author, year and date of when it was published, and page number.
  • Take time to proofread and edit your review to improve overall content and readability. Refer to guidelines to be sure your content follows the structure correctly.
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