Composing An Excellent Five-Paragraph Article Review In APA Style

Wring a long paragraph is not that difficult especially if you are in a habit of writing. Writing a review is a very critical work. As you cannot bee too cynical. You have to measure your words. Organizing your view into five paragraphs can help in creation a strong structure for your work. The structure can be as follows.

  • Examine the assignment
  • Before writing it is important to examine what you are writing. Until and unless you are familiar with the topic you wont be able to write on it. You must be aware about every little minute detail about your topic.

  • Research
  • After understanding your topic you have to start researching. Researching is the essence of the whole project. You have to explore every source while researching. There should be any formality left while doing research work. The more the research the better it will be.

  • Introduction
  • Introducing your topic is essential. The way you write the introduction is very important. As the introduction is the first the will make an impression on the reader.

  • Providing a context to your work
  • Explain the reason behind the reason you are writing. It is essential to give a strong basis for what you are writing. Until and unless you give a strong basis for your work it wont impress the readers.

  • Summarizing the main point of work
  • While writing the introduction it is important to summaries what all you are writing about. This is the only way that you will make the reader interested in what you are writing.

  • Main body
  • Main body is main interest of the reader. A reader may skip the introduction and conclusion but the main body he will never leave. Main body should explain all the points.

  • Discussing the techniques
  • While writing the main body it is important to discuss the techniques of the topic. Every single technique should be explained in a different point. There is no skipping of this step.

  • Using examples
  • Examples make your work interesting. Never forget to include examples. Sometimes the comprehension is difficult to understand whereas examples are not. Examples always leave a good impression.

  • Conclusion
  • After writing your paper a conclusion is very important. A conclusion should be given in such a way that it includes all the main points in a brief manner.

  • References
  • All the sources that have helped you while writing should be given credits in the end.

      Hence, this is how you are supposed to compose an essay.

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