Some Basics of the Article Writing Process

Sometimes it is necessary to go back to basics and review how to write a publishable article. In general, this can be boiled down to three methods. The first method is coming up with an idea, which is then followed by research, and lastly writing the article. Within each method, there are some various ways to go about it in order to get the most out of your writing process. Here are some basics that will help guide you with the writing process.

Come up with an idea

The best way to come up with an idea for writing an article is to be aware of who your audience is. This should be among the first steps of planning and writing your article. It is especially essential to determine if you are writing for an academic audience or a more casual audience. It also helps to be unique and passionate about your angle. Try to bring new ideas to the topic and think of new information that will offer readers with a new insight to your topic., and keep this in mind during the planning process.


When you are researching any topic, start by learning the basics. This will allow you to get the general explanation of whatever you are trying to write about. This will also provide you with a basic framework as what to look for as you research. In addition, make sure to use reliable sources that are known to be reputable. It will further help you if you get different types of material available to you to provide during your research. The idea is to get well rounded sources and information that you can add to your article.

Writing the Article

When it is time to write on the article, keep in mind the length that you want the article to be. It will also help to begin with outlining your article before you begin to formally write. This will help break down which information goes where and can serve as a roadmap for you to get where you want to go in your paper. In addition, while in the writing process concentrate on writing style, structure and voice. This will help your audience be more aware of your overall message when you are clear and concise.

By keeping all of these tips in mind, you will be well on your way to writing a great quality article. Be conscious in your efforts and your end result will be fantastic.

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