Writing An Article Review: The Style And Structure

When you have to write an article review, you have the chance to analyze another text and express your opinion. You can evaluate the information presented there, decide if it's useful or not and other similar things. The type of article that you analyze depends on your preferences and on the requirements of your professor. If you can choose what to write, it's better to search for a text that is published in a well-known magazine, instead of something random from the internet. Also, the topic of the article is very important. It is preferable to have some previous knowledge about it, so you will not have to spend too much time making research.

  • Read the article carefully. In the beginning, you have to analyze the information that is presented there and to notice if the content is understandable or not. Pretend that you are a normal reader, and see if you are interested in the article, or it's just a dull piece of text. The general impression that you get has to be included in your review.
  • Start writing, and mention the article and the author in the introduction. The professor needs to know from the very beginning what are you writing about, not to wait until the end of your paper to know this. If you want, you can also say where was the article published and when. It's up to you if you introduce any supplementary information about the author and the topic.
  • Highlight the important ideas from the article. In this way, you will know what to focus on when you write your own piece. Do not go into detail, unless they are extremely relevant to the subject. You text is not supposed to be only a summary of the other article, but also a review, so you can make comments between the ideas, stating if you agree or not with the author.
  • Say your opinion. There is not right or wrong when you create this kind of composition. What could be a great article for you, could be a bad article for another student. It depends on your perception, information, opinion and knowledge. Do not try to keep neutral, because this is not possible in this case.
  • Use a simple structure. There is no point to choose something complicated or to go for an academic format. It is a normal essay and it should be treated like such.

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