Your First Article Review: Writing Basics For Dummies

An article review requires a clear and precise understanding of a scholarly article or book. You cannot go by the general surge of popularity, say, while critiquing a book like 50 shades of grey. You have to find out whether it actually hits the truck.

Practice makes perfect

Needless to say, you get better at this with due practice. The trend and terrain seems extremely tough as a starter. The question then arises - How to go about your first article critique. We give you the numbers -

  • You should first read the article or book twice at varied pace and absorb its innards. Make a formal note of the length with which the entity touched you on the subject. Whether it made you change your mind or look differently.

  • You should then organize its crucial points and the manner in which they have been raised and handled. You should make an abject analysis of the evolution quotient of the book or article.

  • You should spare an eye on the progressive nature of the piece. It should ideally be relevant, strategic and an avenue opener.

  • You should read topics written on the piece; or similar pieces so that you get a general idea what the topic centers on and how should it be absorbed. It helps to be well-read in any case.

  • You should draft out the positives and negatives of the book and then present them in a schematic manner. You should venture to find potent positives or hurting negatives; not the cursory points.

  • You should proceed to refute or recommend the book to readers. Your reason for recommending should be scholarly. You cannot use your heart for this; you will have to place the acute prowess or acuity which the book bargains for.

The first person specialty

You should ideally do the review in first person so that readers can identify with your labor and perspicacity. Offer the readers as to the kind of read it provides; whether it is a flowing piece or whether the reader has to stop often to recount what he read earlier or to make a comparison with previous pages.

The extra effort

If the article or book opens up a new stream of thought on the topical theme, you should make an extra effort in critiquing it and finding whether it has succeeded in doing so. Endeavor to carve a special piece; not the whiplash of a beginner!

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