A Guide To Article Review Writing Avoiding Common Mistakes

Writing a review of an article is a common topic that instructors will use in a variety of educational disciplines. But if you are at all confused with how to complete this topic you will to know about these common mistakes and take steps to avoid them when you are doing your own writing.

Here are a few mistakes that many writers make so make sure to avoid them for a good quality piece of work.

Too much background information

When you are writing a review of an article, the audience for your writing is already knowledgeable about the background of your subject matter. One mistake that many authors make when writing this type of is try to give an excessive amount of information about the background of the subject matter. This piece of writing does not require you to do a detail background of all the theories or possibilities, you only need to do the bare minimum to bring your reader to your current point in the conversation and where you are at with the subject matter.

Not telling the main argument

The point of the writing is to tell the main argument of the review but sometimes the author forgets to tell this important point. The most important part of writing an article review is to tell the main argument of the article so this is something that everyone must remember to do. Identify and tell this important fact right from the beginning and you will ensure that you avoid this costly mistake.

Running off on a tangent topic

When you are composing this type of review it can be easy to run off on a tangent when a topic is interesting but this is a common mistake that authors make. Do not be tempted to stray from the main topic of the article when you are writing the review or you will make one of the most common mistakes. Keep the entire review on topic and relevant to ensure your review is the best quality possible.

Writing article reviews is a common assignment but if you avoid these common mistakes you will be able to keep your review on track and following the guidelines it should. After you complete your assignment and turn it in, you will be happy to have read these common mistakes and avoided them when you do your assignment.

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