Creating A Good Article Review In 7 Simple Steps

A review is an evaluation of a specific piece of content. It can be done for books, papers, articles, anything that you wish. Article reviews are the most easy ones, because it does not take a lot of time, since most of the articles are not longer than two or three pages. It is very easy to complete, even without any previous or knowledge. As long as you analyze the content well and you know how to reach to valid conclusions, everything will be great. To start, these are the 7 simple steps that you should follow:

  1. Choose the article that you will review. It has to be something exciting, because otherwise there is no point to write about it. You will have to read it many times, to understand it entirely, so it's good if you are passionate about the subject. You can use colored markers to highlight the most important parts, just to be sure that you don't forget anything.
  2. Build an outline. In review, it's important to analyze each part in a correct order. If you mix them up, it will be unclear what are you writing about. Put on paper the main ideas that you are planning to mention in your text.
  3. Start writing, without thinking about mistakes. This will be only the first draft, so this is not the time to correct the grammar and punctuation.
  4. Introduce your opinions. A review need to be written from your own perspective, so it's ok if you mention what is your personal opinion regarding a certain issue.
  5. Focus on the key points. Since the article can be pretty long, it's pointless to analyze every single detail. Focus on the most important ideas, and if you still have space at the end, you can mention also the details.
  6. Summarize pieces of the article. After this, you can introduce your own perspective. However, make sure that the ideas of the author are not diminished when you summarize the content.
  7. Write down a conclusion. After you analyzed every piece of content, it's time to write your conclusion. You can discuss the quality of the article, the validity of the information, the accuracy or the writing style. Any element can be mentioned in the conclusion, as long as you don't write more than a few lines.

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