3 tips for writing an abortion research article

Abortion could quite possibly be the most aggressively controversial topic on modern society. For just as many people who find it straightforward clear-cut murder, a whole handful believes it to be a right and freedom of their choosing. The problem lies in this- one side wants to take away an option, and the other wants to keep all options open. This is a societal problem, and based on choices and freedom; there is an obvious choice to make. But just because it is an option, doesn't make it one worth keeping available.

An abortion research article should take into account the sensitive of the issue. Being controversial may be in your favor in some ways, but with the volatile nature of the topic, it may just cause you to be ostracized. Of course this depends. Is the article for school? If you are involved in any way with those who disagree with what you have to say, this could be a massive issue. If you are writing for a public forum or client, be weary of what you say and how you say it.

There is no underestimating a topic such as this, so be precarious when approaching any one side of the discussion. The right to freedom and the right to not be murdered is a delicate yet massive gulf of ideals and perspectives.

  1. When taking a side, be soft and understanding. You can be harsh and extreme with any one viewpoint, but understand the consequences which may come of that.
  2. Know your stuff. This applies to topic, but needs to be especially mentioned for abortion-related content. If your argument or open discussion is flawed in any way, it absolutely derails any and all credibility you may barely holding onto.
  3. Some background and history leading up to the decision, and some mention of the political battle may be in your favor. Not only does it help neutralize some portions of your argument which may be more controversial, it helps establish a solid historical background for any happening reader. Do not assume they are ignorant, but do not assume they understand the legal history, even vaguely. It may be wise to flesh out any article on abortion with the origins of the controversy.

There are very few topics as immediately polarizing as abortion, as it seems the tender middle-ground is drowned out by the out spoken extremes. Your best bet is to be sensitive to the topic, but take a position, and do so with alarming clarity and professionalism.

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