Article Review Writing- 5 Useful Suggestions On How To Save Your Time

One of the most interesting types of papers that you are asked to write about is an article review. It is interesting because you get to play the role of a reviewer and analyze a piece of writing. In this paper, you will summarize the topic and then write a review about it. This review will include information on how well the article was written, how the author presented the ideas, and whether or not it held your interest.

When you are beginning the writing process for this type of paper, there are a few things that you can do to save some time. Every minute saved is more time you can sleep, spend time with friends, play with your kids, or just veg out.

  1. Read the article several times
  2. The first thing to do is to read the article that you are reviewing several times. One time is not going to work. The more times your read the article, the easier it will be to develop some ideas to talk about and to understand whether or not the author wrote an effective paper.

  3. Create a detailed outline
  4. The next step would be to write an outline. This is the most skipped step and many people feel like it is a waste of time when really it will save time. It saves time mostly because it allows you to organize your ideas. You can determine what things to talk about and what things to leave out because they don't focus on proving the thesis.

  5. Include the name, author, and summary
  6. The introduction should include the pertinent information for the paper and a summary aobut the article as well. The summary should give the reader an idea of what the paper was about even if they haven't read it themselves. The reader of your article should not need to read the original article to understand it.

  7. Write a rough draft
  8. Write a rough draft next. Expand on the concepts in your outline to help you create the rough draft that you will use to start getting your ideas on paper.

  9. Proofread and edit
  10. Don't stop once you have a completed paper. You need to proofread and edit it so many times to make sure that you are submitting an error free and completely understandable paper.