How To Compose A Winning Article Review: Suggestions From An Expert

Writing a great article review may include taking a few extra steps to ensure your work meets acceptable standards. An article review can encourage others to read the article. At the same time you are providing insight on what you liked and/or disliked about article content. The following points offer unique insight experts may suggest when writing a winning article review.

  • Get a clear understanding of what the article is about. Take your time reading the content you will give a review for. Rushing through it may not give you a clear understanding behind the work or the author. Few writers will read the content in full at least twice before attempting to write a review. The first time you read it over to understand its content. The second time you can write down significant information that can help you write your review.

  • Understand who the article was written for (reading audience). The reading audience should obtain certain information from the content. Do you feel the goal was reached by the author of the article? You will have to keep in reading audience in mind as you review the content for yourself.

  • Take notes on significant aspects of the article that stood out. What details did you find to be the most significant about the subject? Maybe there was something that could have been explained in further detail.

  • Find sample article reviews to help you understand how to write your own. If you want to write like a professional you should study content written by one or a few.

  • Make an outline to organize ideas. An outline will help you get your thoughts and ideas together. You can structure and organize them into concepts. You will have a clear idea where information should appear for your review and how others will receive it.

  • Create a rough draft and revise it. A rough draft is important because you are able to get an idea of what the final review will look like. You will take ideas and make them into sentences and paragraphs that detail your oval opinion about what you've read.

  • Finalize work with concise details about main idea and edit and proofread as necessary. Making your review final is important. This is basically the last step in polishing your work. Read it over a few times and look for areas that can be improved.

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