Things To Know While Writing An Article Review: A Guide For Newbies

An article review provides feedback on an article written by another writer. In a way you are being a critic of someone's work, and in this case you are analyzing an article. In your article review you provide insight on what you liked and disliked about what you read. You also provide insight on how well you think the author providing information to the reading audience. Do you think readers learned something or do you think more content should have been provided on the subject matter? Here are things to consider when writing your article review.

Study Article Reviews Written by Experienced Writers to Get an Idea of What to Produce

If you are new to writing reviews you can find samples to study. This means you can find reviews written by other writers to get an idea of what to produce and details to pay attention to. The process is simple as you can find reviews in different publications. There are academic databases online with samples you can read on various topics. As you study this information take note of what you should include in your review.

Know Important Information to Mention and/or Pay Attention to During the Review Process

When you write a review you are giving feedback on someone else's work. This means when you review content you should take note of certain things that stand out whether they are positive or negative. You should take note of how the writer provided information on a topic and how they engaged readers into their content. If there was something you felt was missing you could note this as well.

Take Solid Notes on What You Liked and Disliked about Content in Question

Taking notes on what you liked and disliked helps during the review writing process. Some people will read an article multiple times before starting their rough draft. A good review is an honest review. Be honest about how you feel about the written work in question and provide evidence to support your reasoning.

Use an Outline to Help Structure Your Review

The outline helps organize your ideas into sentences and paragraphs. As you learn more about the content your notes will get organized based on the structure set for you review. Develop rough draft of your findings. Proofread content and check for errors.

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