7 Fail-Safe Techniques To Write A Great Article Review Easily

If you are tasked with reviewing article you are facing a very unique challenge. Writing an article review or a critique serves as a summary and evaluation of the work completed by another author. Teachers often give this type of assignment to introduce students to the work that is being completed by experts in their field. A lot of experts are asked to review the work that other professionals have done in order to continue to contribute to the conversation in that field. But understanding the main points associated with a given article is essential as it is logical evaluation of the theme, the support, and any implications that the article provided. Below you will find seven steps to help you:

  1. The first step is to truly understand what the article is actually about. You have to understand your article review is written for an audience who already knows the content of the article. They don't need the background to the subject.

  2. The second step is to actually summarize the main ideas as well as the arguments which were presented and the findings presented with in the article itself.

  3. The third tip is to critique the contributions that the article gave to the field.

  4. The fourth step is to critique the overall effectiveness of the article you are reviewing. You need to present more than just an opinion in this particular assignment but you need to rather, engage with the text and respond to the theories that the author is presenting based on research that you have done. You want to also critique this article based on your own thoughtful reasoning. You don't want to provide new research but rather just respond to the research the audience read in the article.

  5. The fifth tip is to summarize the article and evaluated. Need to focus on the most important claims in the most important information. You should also talk about the positive aspects to this particular article and what insightful observations the author made.

  6. The sixth tip is to identify where there any inconsistencies. You want to make sure the author had sufficient evidence to support their claims or if there were questions that they left unanswered.

  7. The seventh step is to provide your readers with a preview of the article in your opening, summarizing the article in your own words. This is one of the best ways to format the structure of your particular assignment after which you introduced your critique.