Civil Rights Movement

When many think about the civil rights movement you may think about protests, riots, and other actions that took place to raise awareness regarding the rights of American citizens. The movement has helped expand the understanding of civil rights for citizens and governments for which they live in all around the world. The movement is part of an ongoing fight for citizens to obtain and protect their rights while fighting against segregation, racism and discrimination. There were various leaders that became the focal point during the movement that continue to make an impact in modern society.

The civil rights movement raised awareness of various issues among minorities that made it difficult to live the way you wanted. There were people unable to get a job, house, or even a loan at a bank because of their ethnicity. Before the movement came along, segregation and treating people differently because of their race or skin color was normal. It became obvious that if you wanted to see positive change you had to get rid of the negativity that surrounded many people such as prejudice, hate, jealousy and being unfair. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the leaders that became an important figure in leading people during the civil rights movement.

In other parts of the world, similar protests were established. Most protests were non-violent and people would gather by the masses to voice their opinions and stand for what they feel is right. The movement took shape during the 1950s and millions of people took part. It helped change the way people are viewed and perceived. It helped establish a number of laws that prevent people from being discriminated because of their race, gender, or ethnic background. The purpose is to provide equality for all or at least be a voice for stating this is what everyone should be entitled to.

So much has taken place in the past with strives being made. The civil rights movement continues to play an important role in modern society, but there are still issues that need to be worked out. The movement more likely highlighted problems that have been going on all around the world for decades. Until more people are willing to be open and optimistic about change and equality, it will continue to be a struggle for all to obtain it. Living in today's society has enough challenges to deal with, but many wonder why we all just can't get along.

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