Book Review Services Can Write Your Paper In No Time

Why write a book review?

If you are a young academic professional in graduate school or a post doctoral program, you may be asked by an academic journal to write a book review of a new text or reference book. This is a sign that the journal in question values your expertise and is beginning to perceive you as a talented researcher and educator. Usually, this honor is only given to researchers early in their careers who are exhibiting a significant amount of progress and promise.

The problems with book review assignments.

But despite the potential for this assignment to benefit one's career, many academics find they have to turn the offer down. First of all, writing an academic book review is very time consuming. You must contact the publisher and receive a free review copy, you must find time to read the text thoroughly, and then you must find the time and presence of mind to write a critical, useful review before the publication deadline passes.

This honor is unpaid, which can strike some professionals as unfair. It also comes with the unspoken expectation that the review will be cordial and positive, or at least well-meaning, which can intimidate a lot of young professors and graduate students. There can be massive social and professional repercussions if you write a take-down of a valued academic's work, after all. Finally, many graduate students and post-docs simply lack the time to tackle such a lengthy task; they're already buried with class and degree requirements, in addition to work duties.

Why use a writing service?

If you identify with the above scenario, you should pause before rejecting the book review opportunity. Even if you lack the time to write a review yourself, you can still pacify the journal editors and earn the line on your curriculum vita by hiring a freelance professional to read the text and write a fair, yet positive review.

There are many services online that provided advanced students and professors with brand new content, created on demand by an academic expert. Perform a quick search and you will locate numerous companies that can help you out.

Find a writer with a background similar to your own -- someone with the same advanced degree, and a great deal of expertise in the field. In return for a sizable but fair rate, you can provide the text and a rough word count and time frame, send the assignment to the writer, and collect the book review in time to satisfy the journal editor.