Article Writing Review Help: Pre-Writing and Brainstorming

It is important not to overlook the pre-writing and brainstorming initiatives that are essential for writing articles. You will find that it is generally much easier when new ideas are thought of when there is no particular order or structure, and planning to write an article necessitates decent concentration. There may be roadblocks in the beginning of the brainstorming process, which is normal because it is often difficult to begin planning a new piece. Many times, it is because of a loss of direction that is inhibiting the writer to reaching their full potential of finding sooner. Here are some tips to guide you along the brainstorming process.

Back to Basics

When brainstorming, it might be easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest brainstorming efforts, but sometimes sticking to the basics is the best idea possible. Use a pen that is available in 4 colors that will enable you to switch between red, blue, black and green and can readily switch colors. This will be helpful when you jot things down for written records- you can color code your findings in order to make your notes coherent and will help you for clearer diagrams. Be sure to use a simple pen that will help illustrate ideas for you to write down. There are also ways to get creative such as using black pens for entities, red pens for illustrating relationships, blue pens for attributes, green pens for degrees/ranges of things, and yellow for measures. The rhyme and reason is up to you, whichever way makes brainstorming a breeze for you.


If highlighting notes is not your best method of choice for brainstorming, consider constructing diagrams in order to help you through the brainstorming process A diagram is a great tool for brainstorming because it is easy to construct and it might get the creative juices flowing while keeping things organized. It is also a good reference to look back on when getting around to constructing your essay. You will be able to explore compare and contrasting themes or other relationships of topics in a diagram that is written out for brainstorming purposes. Regardless of the motivation that is chosen for brainstorming, the important issue is to choose a process that works the best for you and to run with it. Try not to stunt your thoughts in the initial brainstorming process because that may result in a stunted article. Instead, explore different avenues that will help with brainstorming, and your article will be better because of it.

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