Why cigarette smoking should be banned - Sample Academic Article

Cigarette smoking accounts for the majority of preventable deaths in the world. Studies in the United States show that forty six million adults smoke cigarettes in the country. Smoking affects individuals in many ways. First, the population health is affected due to secondary smoking and environmental pollution. Some of the diseases caused by cigarette smoking to children include asthma; pneumonia, bronchitis and middle ear infection just to mention a few. Research in the US indicates that in every five deaths, one is directly linked to smoking. Public awareness on the effects of smoking mainly emphasized by the center of diseases control is one of the control measures. The ever-increasing costs of tobacco remain a burden to the smokers. One hundred and ninety three billion dollars spent annually for cigarettes in America. The impact of smoking seen on the cost of medication as the cost of tobacco related diseases is close to five billion dollars, this calls for banning of smoking.

One of the largest producers of cigarettes is trying to lure consumers with supplements on the cigarettes. The effect of smoking mainly seen in men with reproductive issues, the reason for this is the poor quality of sperm. The FDA indicates that the cigarettes contain carcinogenic compound, which include carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrogen cyanide. These compounds are the main causes of cancer, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. According to research carried out in Puerto Rico where there was smoking ban, the rate of heart attacks reduced by a margin of seventeen percent. The percentage increases every year with the implementation of the law banning smoking. This shows how smoking contributes to heart attacks hence should be banned. The exposure to smoke by non-smokers contributes to infections of the cardiovascular system. According to data from eleven studies, nine cases of secondary smoking contribution to heart related diseases remained positive.

In summary, smoking should be banned due to the numerous side effects it poses to the individual and the public. Banning of smoking will reduce the number of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases related to smoking. Financial situation of the smokers will improve as cigarette smoking contributes over a half of their daily spending.

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