Essential Things To Know While Writing An Article Review

You have been given the assignment of writing an article review. This is not an opportunity to trash the author because the content of the article may actually be very good. Your challenge is to write text that is objective and also paints a very good picture of what the author is trying to say. It isn't difficult to write a good article review, but you should pay attention to a few details of composing one.

  • Get to Know the Article. You will be reading it and you need to look for clues. It is the main idea and/or message of the piece you are searching to find. This can be in the abstract, or perhaps in the introduction to the article itself. The first few paragraphs give a very good clue of what is going to follow, and the final paragraphs are the summation and conclusions. You ought to concentrate carefully on those parts of the article.

  • Decide What Your Review Will Concentrate on. The review should not just be a rote narrative. You can concentrate on the primary issues the author has discussed or perhaps one area you know is of interest to the audience.

  • Discuss the Article. Discussion is the main part of your review and it will take up the entire body. If you have any insights gleaned from the text, you ought to point them out. There is a temptation to ramble in the body of the text and you must avoid that. Clear, concise sentences will help.

  • Offer Your Conclusions. You ultimately have to reach your own conclusions based on what you have said in the review. While you may have passionate feelings about the topics, be very careful about how you present them in the conclusions. This is not the time to give voice to rage or senseless delight. Either can jeopardize the integrity of what you've written. The conclusion should make logical sense as is drawn from what you have written earlier. You can end with the statement or perhaps a question that would lead the reader to further speculation. It all depends on your style.

Article reviews are exercises in analysis. And you're providing an opinion for the reader based on the content of the article. Remember to keep the facts in mind all the time. You might feel strongly against what the author is saying, but you cannot distort or misrepresent. That would invite sharp criticism of your review. What you provide for the reader is a snapshot of the article. Done properly it will give another person a good idea of the content and perhaps encourage this individual to take the time to read it.